One to everyone?

I found these great favors that I would like for my wedding. We are having a mountain wedding and these go along with the loose "theme". I found Sprucet tree sprouts on the Arbor Day Foundation website that are just perfect for us. They come packaged really nice and I am making small cards to attach with the directions and all that stuff. My question is do I still give one to everyone or just one to a couple? Seeing as its a tree and all I am not sure if people will want two trees!


Re: One to everyone?

  • I agree with you that couples might not want two trees so if it were me I would do one per couple.
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  • I agree these are very cute and green. I received them at a wedding once and have a bit of advice. Don't order them too early and don't place them in the sun at your reception. The ones I got were a bot moldy in the roots and did not survive. With careful planning I'm sure yours will be perfect!
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