Baltimore themed favors - bushel basket help

I am getting married April 30th and I have been trying to come up with a unique favor for our Baltimore themed wedding. I have come up with the idea having small bushel baskets with a small can of old bay, a crab mallet and a magnet in it with a poem of something about the mallet being for breaking through the hard times and the old bay being for keeping things spicey through the years and the magnet being there to hold us together but I am having the hardest time finding the bushel baskets! I wanted bushel basket because that is what a bushel of crabs used to come in but much smaller. Does anyone have ideas of where to look? I am all googled out :) Thanks!

Re: Baltimore themed favors - bushel basket help

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    You might want to ask this on the Baltimore board.
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    Go to the inner harbor. There are tons of Baltimore tourist type shops...im sure that they would have something there. Cost, however, may become an issue if you go that way. You may be able to bargain with them though if you buy bulk. Worth a try. Good Luck....it sounds like a really cute idea!
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    I would try searching for 1/8 peck baskets - they are constructed similarly to bushel baskets, but are smaller (5.75" diameter and 4.5" tall).
    http://www.texasbasket.com/apple/eigth_peck_apple.html - you can get them without handles on this site
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    We are also using bushel baskets (but 1/2 peck, for centrepieces), and had a hard time finding them.

    I ended up contacting a local store that does gift baskets, and they were more than happy to sell me some, and at a great price.

    Maybe check with local florists/gift basket companies, and see if they have any suggestions?

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