Chocolate Covered _________?

FI & I decided on having assorted "chocolate covered treats" favors, but are having an issue with figuring out the best "treats" to fill favor bags with. We'd like 5 or 6 different ideas, as we'll be setting up a certain amount of each type of treat and displaying them in baskets for the guests chosing. What are the best items to DIY in chocolate, without it being a mess by the time it's covered, and set out at the reception? We were toying with setting a chocolate themed candy bar up for favors, but feel it would be best to have wrapped chocolate, and don't want things to melt together, so we're going for more of an individual size bag for each guest to take home, pre-wrapped instead of having guests fill the bags themselves. Sanitary issues, and things of that sort make me very nervous with unwrapped food sitting being exposed. Anyway - Thanks for any suggestions! I can't wait to see your unique ideas!

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    Chocolate covered oreos are easy and pack well. You can also monogram them! Also, pretzels dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with nuts, coconut, or small candies. Nutter butters dipped in chocolate are heavenly! Basically any hard cookie will be fine. The only trouble with doing fruit ahead of time is the risk of it going bad. Good luck and congrats!
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    I love chocolate covered twizzlers!  They're soooo good.  And you can have the chocolate dipped in sprinkles that match your wedding colors.  Yummy
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