Bud Vases as centerpiece? Or a regular low arrangement?

Hi! My first favor post! Anyway - I have looked at more websites than I care to count and after figuring the cost, not including labor, the bud vase costs only about $1 more per person than than getting a regular vase with a dozen flowers. So - what do you think about this idea? On a post below I noticed what alot of you are doing for favors, but I didn't see anyone mention a bud vase, so I was wondering why.Do you think this is a good idea? Centerpieces are not included at our venue, so we have to pay for them seperately. We are making a donation to a few charities that have affected our families. And at the end of the evening will have a "to-go"station of most likely cookies and coffee (since most of our guests will be driving home).So would having a bud vase as the centerpiece/ favor idea be too much? Or is it a good idea? Getting mixed reviews from other sources, figured I'd ask others planning a wedding too.Also, if we don't do the bud vases, we would have a single arrangement of flowers on the table. What do we do with it at the end of the night? Have the DJ do some sort of participation event? Or run up to family members and ask if they want the flowers? What's your opinion of the bud vase idea? Or would they be left behind? Or is it too much ?Thanks!

Re: Bud Vases as centerpiece? Or a regular low arrangement?

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    I think the vases/containers for my centerpieces were rented. All the flowers from my wedding/reception were taken to retirement homes. I think using individual bud vases as a favor/centerpiece combo sounds confusing, but maybe I'm just lazy. :)
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    Hi! thanks for replying - the favors board in general seems quiet. Anyway, how do mean that it could be confusing? If you feel it could be, then maybe so will our guests, but I'm not sure what you are getting at. Please describe. Thanks!
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