martini glass filled with candy

For my friends shower we were thinking of giving martini glasses filled with candy wrapped in tool or something of that sort. Any ideas for what candy would be good for this? The only thought we have is personalized M&Ms. Any suggestions other than candy???

Thanks :)

Re: martini glass filled with candy

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    Unless there's a real tie-in with the martini glass, I'd skip that. It sounds like added expense and hassle for no real gain. They'll be more difficult to display/distribute, and really what is everyone going to do with one martini glass? I'd just do the tulle around a local candy/chocolate/cookie. Favors don't need to be a big deal. Best keep it simple, and personal.
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    Just an idea..i want to do this too...I saw it on tv some where....cotton candy in each martini glass at  a dessert table.....the ones I saw had pink coton candy....I want green in mine...it might be a little extra work but I'm sure you could use the cheap plastic glasses and the look is so cute....I love it....I'll try to add a pic after my wedding....
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