Tree Saplings for favors

So, I really want to do this for my favors.  I am just wondering if anyone is doing this or has done this, if so where did you get your saplings, and how are you handling them out?Thanks in advance for your replies! :)

Re: Tree Saplings for favors

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    I've seen this twice. One of the couples got their saplings from their neighbours land for free. The root ball was wrapped in burlap and was placed at each seat with a placecard. The other wedding had larger saplings in pots and they were grouped in the centre of the table (doubled as a centrepiece). There were tags on each tree to let the guests know they were favours.Just an FYI though, there were lots of saplings left over at both weddings, mostly because a lot of guests were oot and it was a pain to bring them home.
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    I am doing this for my favors. I got the tres from http://www.greenworldproject.net/tree-seedlings.htm This is the cheapest place I found. My plan is to use them as centerpieces, i'm just not sure how yet. I ordered half as many as people coming, for fear I'd end up with tons of leftovers. Hope that helps
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    Thank you both for your replies - I am going to do this - even if I have leftovers, I plan on doing a tree garden to remember our day - so not a big deal, and my guests are all local so not a big deal on getting them home. I am glad I posted this - thanks again!
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