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Hello all!  It's me again!  In my previous post I mentioned that I was interested in doing a candy bar at our reception, and I'd like your opinion on the following idea: cute or not??I was thinking of setting up the candy bar as you've probably seen them before, but instead of just having random types of candy, I thought we'd have the favorite candies of some of our family members.  Beside their respective favorite, I thought it would be cute to put the family member's photo and a little card with their name (i.e. Leslie's favorite - mother of the groom).  What do you think?

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    I think it's a cute way to involve your guests and family members :) Another cute idea (IMO) would be to have cute facts about you and FI on the jars. For example, "Bob proposed to Sue while walking down 5th avenue," on 5th avenue bars or "Bob took Sue to the movies on their third date and they shared a box of hot tamales," on hot tamales...
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    Love it! Stealing it! :)
  • What a cute idea!!!!!!  That's so much more meaningful than trying to coordinate colors.
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    @Bookie7 - Stop spamming the boards by resurrecting old threads.  This post is 4 years old.  Pretty sure the OPs wedding has come and gone and she is no longer around.
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