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really how bad is it to not have favors?

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    I honestly wouldn't notice if I went to a wedding where there were no favors.
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    I'd rather have better food/music/drinks then favors! You don't NEED favors....if you post this on reception ideas (where more people tend to post) you'll likely get a lot of people that agree :)
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    I'm not doing favours either.  Seriously, I'm paying for a fabulous meal and drinks, no one is going to notice/care that they don't have some silly trinket to take home.  If they did, perhaps they don't understand what the meaning of a wedding is?  This isn't my first wedding, but I'm not messing with a cake or flowers either!  The restaurant that is catering has fabulous desserts!  One can have a lovely wedding without all these unnecessary and costly items.
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    No one can afford the really nice favors, and everyone hates the little "chinsy" favors that you let collect dust in your house. I'm with having no favors or go with something edible.
  • virgo6256virgo6256
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    I agree with the other ladies. Why spend money on things people wouldn't want to take home with them. Generally they want the center pieces and that kind of thing.
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