Favors per guest or couple?

Hey ladies!  Just wondering if everyone was providing favors for every single guest or per couple.  We are thinking about doing local jam as our favor...I assumed we would per a jar per person, but others have told me it is custom to do it per couple.  The weddings I've been to have been split depending on the type of favor....what do you guys think?Thanks!

Re: Favors per guest or couple?

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    I think it depends on what it is. I think that if you do jam, one per couple would be best (if they live together) if it's singles or couples that live apart then you should do one per guest. We did personalized M&Ms in little tins so we did one per person.
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    ditto pp! I think it depends on your guest list-is it predominately couples that live together? Then one per couple is okay-but if it is mostly single each guest should get one...
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    I think that it depends on a few things. A) your budget , and B) what it is. For our wedding we found these great brushed gold antique looking picture frames that will also surve as the place cards also. In my case it will be per couple.
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