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Ornament Favors

Hello everyone!  We are having a December wedding and though it will not be overly holiday-themed we wanted to throw in whimsical touches.  We were thinking of doing a small personalized holiday ornament in black and white and red (our wedding colors), but unfortunately we are on a budget and all of the ones I'm finding are incredibly expensive  Does anyone know of a good place to order them from?  I'm also very into DIY so if you have any ideas of how to personalize blank ornaments ourselves without looking too homemade that would be awesome as well!Thanks!
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Re: Ornament Favors

  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    Since your wedding isn't until Dec. 2010, I recommend waiting until the 75% off sales after Christmas to get ornaments. We were at a wedding where the table cards were gold ornaments that were boxed, and the gift tag on the box was our table number.The ornaments weren't personalized, but they are lovely.  There's also another bride on here:  sorry I don't remember who and she did ornament favors and bought them at the Christmas sales the year before her wedding.
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  • rosemmorserosemmorse member
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    One of the nicest favors I have gotten was an ornament (I love Christmas). It was a simple red ball ornament and they had put their initials on it with glitter. Very pretty and I think of their day each year when I decorate the tree.
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