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I've started to think about what would be nice to give to our guests as favors and I'm having trouble finding something original and useful. We thought of maybe making our own wine but it turned out it would cost us approx $600!!!I read somewhere that it's becoming more and more popular to make donations in lieu of favors. This year, on August 28, 2009 (yes exactly 1 year before our wedding), FI's 17 year old cousin passed away of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy so on our wedding it will be the 1 year "anniversary" of his death (Of course the date was set long before he passed away). I was thinking it would be really nice to give a donation to Muscular Dystrophy Canada instead of favors and write a little note like this to the guests: "In lieu of favors, and in loving memory of Jérémie Levac, a donation has been made to Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Thank you for sharing this special day with us!"Thoughts?? Is this appropriate? We really want to remember him and do something special for him on this day (we'll probably say a prayer for him at the ceremony as well).

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    Take out the "In lieu of favors" part and it's just perfect. Donations to your charity is not a favor for someone else. By saying that it's in lieu of favors, you are telling your guests that instead of spending money on them, you are giving that money to someone else. Not cool. Just do the donation and skip any mention of favors.  You can put it in your program or have a sign by the guestbook at your reception. Condolences on the loss of your FI's cousin. It's a great way to remember him and I'm sure everyone will be happy to see that you will honor him that way as well.
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    Both FI and my own grandmothers have been diagnosed with breast cancer within the past month, his grandmothers was very treatable, mine is more extensive.  Our wedding happens to take place during breast cancer awareness month as well.  That said we both had been batteling with favors for a while, we have yet to be at a wedding where we haven't thrown the favor away when we got home (sorry but it's true) unless it was edible it went in the garbage.  We wanted to find something useful not wasteful to put that money towards and we have decided to donate our favor money toward breast cancer research.  We will also be purchasing single homemade truffels from a local chocolate shop and be giving those along with a little card.A friend of mine donated her favor money toward an organization that helps young girls who are victims of rape in third world country recieve counseling and scholarships.  She did not include a card at each table and many of the guests seemed confused by the lack of favors when they missed the signs.  She decided to rectify the situation by including a small card in each thank you note.
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    My FI is australian, so we're putting out a bowl of koala shaped chocolates that are really popular in australia and making a donation to a charity for autism, since my nephew has recently been diagnosed.  I disagree that guests will find "in lieu of favors" distasteful.  I've forgotten favors on the table at most weddings I've been to.  most of the time they're pointless.   A charitable donation regardless of the wording has got to be more worthwhile than a handful of candied almonds and I'd like to think that the people I'm inviting to our wedding would recognize that.  If they think I'm being cheap and cheesy or whatever for not giving them some silly favor (after shelling out for alcohol, food, flowers, blocking hotel rooms for them, transport to and from the ceremony, and reception etc), then I don't really care if they say bad things about me behind my back, because their opinion isn't worth caring about it.  I say, go for the donation, canadian2010.
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