Unique Favor Idea for Popcorn Lovers!!

I thought I would pass this along since I know its not easy planning a wedding and every little suggestion and referrence helps!! ....I have been helping my friend for a few month on her wedding planning. She's going to have a bunch of kids at her wedding because she has a big family, so she wanted to get some good out of her favors instead of waisting $$ on things people wont really use. We found this great site that sells gourmet popcorn - www.justpoppin.com - Her wedding colors are pink and cream... we found these old-fashioned, country looking (match her theme perfectly) glass canisters that she is going to fill with popcorn - some with English toffee and others with cranberry- and then she is going to tie ribbons to the 'neck' of the jar and attatch a small thankyou tag, with a personal note to each family. It's such a cute idea! Thought I'd pass it on!! =)

Re: Unique Favor Idea for Popcorn Lovers!!

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