Destination Favors?

We are planning an destination wedding in St. John's and I wanted to have welcome baskets instead of favors. Anyone have a good ideas for the baskets?? Thanks!!

Re: Destination Favors?

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    Water, sun block, beach towel, list of activities, chocolates or some other kind of snack....
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    Just a suggestion in case you're using the term basket literally.My nephew was married in Texas.  We're from NJ.  They had welcome baskets.  We used the things in the basket, but when it came time to fly home, we had no room in our luggage or carry-ons for a big basket.  Everyone in the family had flown in for the wedding, so they didn't want our baskets either as they also couldn't transport them.  We all left them behind, which was a sad waste of money.Have welcome bags for your guests-just find pretty bags at a craft store, and fill them instead of baskets.
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    We are planning on making up beach bags with aloe, sun block, beach towels, personalized paper hand fans, and we are going to throw in some things for the beach in bags for the children. The only thing I am having a hard time finding are decently priced beach towels for the bags.
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    I agree the baskets will not be returnable from your destination wedding. Maybe try this site: http://tinyurl.com/ylln4qu for something to include. They have neat beach/destination theme stuff!

    Congrats! I hope you find some things!
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    We are having lip balm with sunscreen, mints, candles for the rooms (hey we're not the only ones who will get romantic), bug spray and custom koozies.  We may come up with some other things also.  I do agree to put it in bags and not baskets.  Not travel friendly at all.  We are also going to include a welcome letter that has 5 or 6 local attractions that people may be interested in that are not offered by the resort as well as times and price of admission. 
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