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I don't know if this belongs here, but it seemed like the best place. Is it necessary to have a guest book? I don't know what the heck we would do with it afterwards, we don't want to do the picture frame thing because we wouldn't hang it up, and I'm not sure we want to have a platter or anything either. Will guests think its weird if we just skip it? 

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    There are many options for guest books that you can do to spice things up a bit. I agree that the traditional guest book, where they fill out their name and address, is super boring. You already have that stuff! You don't need it again!

    What FI and I are doing is a borrowed idea from his friend. Polaroid makes a small, portable printer that you can connect a camera to using USB. The printer is about $30, the picture paper has a sticky back and runs about $10 for 30 sheets, and then since the pictures are stickers, you can get whatever book you want to put the pictures in. Then have the guests write a little something to you.

    Pros: more fun than the traditional guestbook, not too expensive.

    Cons: Might be technologically challenging for people. We are trying to mitigate this by writing up clear, detailed instructions for the guests, and we will be assigning someone as the go-to person if people have questions or problems with the process.

    I've also seen guest books that are more inventive and fun than just putting your name and address in. Look around at a bunch of different places. I'm sure you can find something you might like, or you could forego the guest book altogether, but it might confuse your guests. They will be expecting to sign one.
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    My husband and I did something similar to ShaboAE and got a polaroid camera, so their picture could be stuck right in the album, and they could still leave a little message down below.  My sisters are only 15 and they had a blast taking everyone's photo as they came in!  My husband and I still look through it every few months because it makes us laugh.
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    My DD and her DH used shutterfly to make a book with photos of them, their dogs, their friends, their family.  It cost $19.99.  Then guests signed the book, yearbook style.  It was cute.
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    We had a photobook guestbook. It was nice reading through everyone's comments the next day, kind of like a year book. We probably wont' look at it often but it will be nice to read through it again years from now.
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    I wasn't going to have a guestbook but my MIL insisted.  The day of the wedding she asked where it was and I told her we didn't have one.  She ran out to Michael's and purchased one for us.  Not everyone signed it and it's now sitting on a bookshelf never to be seen again.  Honestly, if you don't want one, don't get one.
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    My DD and SIL were going to Ireland for their honeymoon and had a few Irish touches in their wedding.  Their guest book was a coffee table book of photos of Ireland.  It's been a lot of fun for them to go back and look at the comments people wrote about the places they had visited during their own travels.
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    I am actually doing a calendar that everyone puts their birthday and important events in along with their address.
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    I did a photobook also from mypublisher.com - I don't like guestbooks, but feel like some people will want to write us a message.  I put all our engagement photos in it, so at least there will be a reason why I'll look at it in the future!
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    You could always have people sign peiced of fabric and incorporate it into a quilt.
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    I love the idea of the pictures/yearbook. Where can I find someone that would make that type of book?

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    We are purchasing a platter from our local ceramic shop that does classes and DIY projects.  We are going to have our Monogram in the center with our wedding date.  The guests will be asked to decorate a small section of the plater and we will take it to the store to have it fired.  When we use it, we will always remember our wedding day.
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    Cupcake- it's actually pretty easy to do online through sites like shutterfly.  As long as you have a little patience :)  That's where we'll be doing ours through after we take our e-pics!

    One helpful tip- register with them first and you'll get occasional coupons in email.  Otherwise, we got a shutterfly gift card when we started a registry at Target.
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    Here's an idea.
    We are getting one of our engagement photos blown up and then professionally matted and framed.  We will have our guests sign the matte and add a little note to us.
    Then it will hang on our wall rather than get thrown in a drawn and never read!
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