Gift Bags for Hotel Guests?

Our wedding somewhat a destination weddding. The wedding is about a 4 hour drive for anyone coming. We have blocked off rooms at 3 hotels, but suggested the option of renting homes in the area as well. I know that a lot of people are going to take advantage of that. 

We were planning on doing little gift bags for guests staying in the hotel (water, candy, things to do in the area etc) but want to get opinions on this since not everyone will be staying in a hotel, but will be traveling for the wedding. I just want to be able to thank everyone for traveling to come, but there is no way for me to put the gift bags in the homes that people rent. I just dont want people to feel left out.


Re: Gift Bags for Hotel Guests?

  • I don't think it's possible to cover everyone if they're all at different places

    We did the four places where we had blocked rooms and that was more than enough!
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    I'm working on mine right now actually. I have a semi-destination wedding. I'm getting married at a lake house close to where I grew up in the midwest, but I live out east and my finance's family is from the east as well. I'm going to have them available at the hotel at check in and also at the rehearsal dinner. Our rehearsal is two days prior to the wedding so most peple will have just arrived into town.

    Any suggestions on conent for the welcome packet would be welcome! So far I have: itinerary wih directions, a map, restaurant listing of local places, a listing of hings to do in the area sorted by distance from the wedding location (withn an hour within 2 hours, etc.)

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