Different wedding favors at every other setting?

My fiancé and I live in Portland, OR, which is known for its coffee.  Since I am from Pennsylvania, I thought I would like to give my family and friends a little taste of Portland.  I checked out prices and the best coffee in town would be above my budget to get ¼ lb.each for all 50 guests.  I thought maybe I could have a bag of coffee at every other place setting.  I thought I could havve the other ½ get a bag of chocolates in our wedding colors at their place setting. This would be easier cost-wise and for the kids (only 7 guests) and for people who don’t drink coffee, this would be a good option and they could just trade amongst themselves to get what they want.  Do you think this is acceptable? 

Re: Different wedding favors at every other setting?

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    Personally, I think it might cause some problems. Some people will probably end up wanting the coffee and not getting it. If you are having assigned seating, you could definitely give the kids (and people you know don't like coffee) the chocolates instead, but with open seating I think two favors that are so different might not be a good idea.

    Or, another idea, if you have a lot of couples, you could give one favor to each couple and just label them with their names on the table. Again, this only works if you are doing assigned seating (or assigned tables). That would probably cut down costs a lot, even if not quite half.
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    I think it's a good idea. Some people will forget to take them home at the end of the night so you might have some left over to give out later if people ask. Also, most people do come as a couple, so they'll get one coffee and one chocolate favor.
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    Instead of placing them on the tables you could have a station where your guests could pick up their favor (if they want one) as they leave, and have both choices available.  That way there's no need for your guests to go around trying to favor-swap.
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