Travel Theme Favors: Compass or Maps

Hello Everyone,

My future husband & I love to travel and that is not a secert. We are having a theme wedding focused on travel.

I am looking for favors for app. 150 guest and not very exspensive. I was praying that I find compasses or small maps to attach a small poem to, however, no luck.


Thanks in advance for you help

Re: Travel Theme Favors: Compass or Maps

  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    To be honest, I'd have absolutely NO use for a compass or a map.  I'd either leave it behind, or toss it as soon as I got home.

    How about luggage tags?  You could first use them as escort cards:  guest's name and table # on it, and then it could double as a favor.  THAT I could use!

    And skip the poem.
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    We are also doing a travel themed wedding and we are using these luggage tags as escort cards which guests can take home with them after the wedding.


    We also had an Etsy seller make us chocolate globe suckers using a mold similar to this one.


    Edible is always good!

    Hope that helps!
  • HinajHinaj member
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    Sorry but I wouldn't know what to do with compasses and map if I got them at a wedding.  I would do something more practical that your guest can use, like luggage tag or something along those lines.  As gypsy said, something edible always work. 
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    What about chocolate airplanes?
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  • AlbireoAlbireo member
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    Luggage tags would be awesome!

    I am geeky enough to love compasses but the kind that would be cheap enough to get one for everyone are pretty meh. They'd be like Crackerjack-box quality.
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    My best friend did airplane shaped luggage tags for her favors, and the tables were named after destinations they had traveled to.  The tags doubled as escort cards, "flying" you to your seat :)
  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    Luggage tags are ok, but I already have cute ones I like, so I personally would not be using them on my luggage.
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  • lisaD26lisaD26 member
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    My FI would love a map. How cute.
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    I like the compass... a cheap one would make a good key chain (imo).  A map of what...? (An idea: a map of your church to the venue might be cute AND cheesy) 
    And I think the luggage tag is a not bad idea. 
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