Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

We are getting married in Vegas in June and want to give our wonderful guests who are traveling across the country a welcome tote bag when when arrive in their room.  Besides the usual snacks, water, vegas style trinkets what would be some other unique items to add? 


Re: Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

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    Battery operated fans (just saw these at the drug store for $3.99), sunscreen. Maps and "things to do in Vegas" brochures.
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    You could do little poker sets, or cards...the fan idea is a good one (especially for Vegas in June if it's anything like Vegas in July!), little info. booklets with "insider tips", hangover kits (tylenol, water), I got terrible blisters on my feet from walking on the hard pavement in Vegas last summer so band-aids would probably be helpful, energy drinks after those long days where you still want to stay up all night, lotion (mine and my fiancé's skin wasn't used to that dry desert air and we ended up spending $$ on non-perfume lotion at a CVS), chapstick, pool towels for the hotel pools...That's all I can think of for now, HTH!
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