Candy Favors in the Heat?

Since we are having a summer wedding, it has been hard to think about what to do for favors.  My fiance is interested in having chocolate covered sunflower seeds, but I am fearful that they will melt.

Someone had suggested rock candy as a possibility, but I have no idea if rock candy gets sticky in the heat or how it handles in general.  Does anyone have advice on what to go with or tips?

Re: Candy Favors in the Heat?

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    If your reception is airconditioned you shouldnt have to much to worry about
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    As PP stated, air conditioning would eliminate any worry. If not, could you keep it refridgerated until you're ready put it for guests?
    Rock candy should not have any problems in the heat. Especially if you wrap it in some sort of plastic. You could wrap it and tie it with a ribbon with your monogram or something or a special note. On it's own, it can be a bit sticky, but I've never really had any problems with it.

    If you two like the idea of having candy as a favor, you could do a candy bar. Those are always fun.
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    On the jelly belly website they have all different colors to match your theme...I dont think they melt in the heat. I am getting purple jelly beans and putting them in little canisters and my wedding will be outside in July.
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