The feeling of nothing being accomplished!

 Do you ever do a lot of planning, go all out with your wedding planner and at the end you feel like you haven't acomplished anything? I do all the time I still have 8 months 4 weeks left but I feel like I am running outta time still. I had to look up the maid of honor to do's and check list last night because I couldnt even think of what she had to do,lol. She is feeling overwhelmed also so how is that going to comfort me? lol.I have to get my dress
  meet with the florist
  go to the cake testing
  make final arrangments at the banquet room (which is very close to being done)
  order the wedding bands
  order my fiance a new birth certificate
The sad things is I have to save for each one of these individualy . It is very hard to plan a nice wedding with such a low budget. thank God I have 8 months. 

Lucky thing is we are having a court house wedidng, so no planning of a ceremony is neccessary. Although we are still having our parents and 2 grooms men and 2 bridesmaids come with us. I also want a wedding gown I still want that beautiful bride felling with all the fixing. There is no rule saying I can't just because it's a court house wedding right?

Re: The feeling of nothing being accomplished!

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    I feel this way all the time.
    i also feel every free moment not spent at work is spent on the wedding.

    i feel like every text I send to my FI or my MOH is about the wedding.

    It's all I think or talk about....of course I only have 4 months left...but still :(

    And about your dress...it is your wedding day. wear whatever you want. don't let people tell you that you can't wear a beautiful gown just because you're going to the courthouse.

    good luck.

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    quotequeenquotequeen member
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    Please don't rely on any checklists of MOH "duties," they are BS.  If you're MOH is getting stressed out by YOUR wedding, then you are doing something wrong, IMO.
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    missmandy thank you so much for your kind words and good luck to u also!
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    I do agree with quotequeen in regards to your MOH. I didn't give my MOH a list to do. I took care of everything. The 'to do list' that I will be giving her is during the ceremony and the reception. 


    I believe the bridal party are the eyes and ears of the bride and groom during the ceremony & reception. They should know the ins and the outs of the events and should be able to answer any questions anyone has (without going to the bride & groom all the time).


    All of the booking of the vendors, all of the materials, items and what not related to the wedding was actually done by my FI and I. I bought my bridesmaid their dresses, they shop for their shoes and haven't done anything else wedding related. Do they have it easy, yes. 


    FI and I were able to get everything booked & done within 2 months (just the weekend and with over a few thousand of miles driven). We had six months from the time of the engagement to the big day.


    How we were able to accomplish everything at such a quick time, we had task list of EVERYTHING that needed to be done. From there, we section it off to what we'll get accomplish that weekend. We went little at a time and checked everything off that way.


    Doing your homework ahead of time also helps. It helps on where you'll go, how long you'll stay and what to look for. The aimless driving will just drive you batty and frustrated.


    Good luck. Eight months is ampt time. 

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    AubreyMoAubreyMo member
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    I agree with the checklist idea. I searched and searched and finally just had to build my own (which was nice, because it cut out things I don't need to have a checklist). Don't try to keep track of everything mentally - that's just more stress for you to remember and more chances that you'll forget.

    As far as the list goes, you can organize it however works well for you - in a timeline or priorities first. Just having that list to check off will let you easily see what you need to do and what's been done.

    And finally? Take some time to not think about wedding stuff. I have to "ground" myself from it from time to time, sit back, and realize that it's all going to work out. Then when I throw myself back into it, I'm more refreshed and excited. Good luck!!! I really hope it goes well for you! One last thing: It's your wedding day, so to answer your question YES YES YES you can look like the bride you've always wanted to!
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    Qoutequeen and Meya I also took care of all the ceremony and reception details myself, the only thing she is doing is the bridal ahower woth my mom and helping me pick the invations out. Thats it, the only reason she feels overwhlemed is because she has neve done it before or even been in a wedding. So its not like im loading her up with things to do. Also I already have all the ceremony kinks ironed out and done,and also my mother and I already have the restaurant banquet room booked and menu choosen, so I think Im doing good right? Aubrey I searched forever too for the list's, but really the only reason I did that at all was because my BFF also MOH asked me to for her,LOL. and thank you I hope you wedding is gorgeous as well. And also a thanx for telling me I can look like the Bride I want o, I was worried about looking stupid going into a courthouse like that. You are all great I love the feed back.
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