Fall Wedding Favors

Is it totally cheesy/tacky to give mini loaves of pumpkin bread and/or bags of roasted pumkin seeds as favors?  We're planning on a fall wedding, probably incorporating pumpkins and I thought it would be a cute touch to keep the theme going.

Re: Fall Wedding Favors

  • I LOVE pumpkin bread!!  I think both of your ideas are fine.  The good thing about the bread is that you can work on baking them for awhile leading up to the wedding and freeze them.  I'm not sure how long the roasted seeds would stay fresh - you probably don't want a lot more to do the week leading up to the wedding.
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  • Edible favors rock.  I think pumpkin bread and/or roasted pumpkin seeds sound awesome.
  • I agree, edible favors are the best. Just be careful with planning ahead on DIY gifts and everthing else that will be going on then. But if you have a carefully laid out schedule which leaves plenty of time to get things done, you will be all set.
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