Cigar Favors

My fiance loves cigars... i was thinging about having them as favors with a label with our initals and the date on them.

The only problem is that i am worried about those who do not smoke so i was also thinking about matchbooks with the same label on them

And i am worried that all the guys will just go outside and smoke them instead of their full attention on the reception...

Any thoughts?
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Re: Cigar Favors

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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    Well, my bias is going to come through loud and clear on this one, but no one, no one at all in my family is a smoker.  So not a single one of us would have use for that.

    And honestly, in my family and friends, people would be as stunned to see a cigar as a favor.  And people would talk.  You know your crowd. 

    But to encourage a product that encourages smoking?  nms at all.  I do want to say though, that if you have smokers at your reception, they will be going outside to smoke, whether you provide it or not.

    To think that people will have their "full attention" on you at the reception is just silly.  You get the full attention during the ceremony.  The reception is a party and attention will be all over the place.
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    bablingbrookebablingbrooke member
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    Your FI might love cigars, but unless that extends to the vast majority of the guest list it will be a waste of money.<div>
    </div><div>I think #10 from the FAQ thread might apply here:</div><div><span style="font-family:Arial;font-size:12px;" class="Apple-style-span">[Quote] Something that has meaning to no one else but your FI and you.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>Maybe you met in a coffee shop.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>Your first date was at a baseball game.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>He proposed at Disneyland.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>You are moving to the garlic capitol of the world.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>You both love to drink martinis.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>These are just some examples of what some brides get consumed with when looking for favors.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>While I love baseball, I am not a huge coffee drinker and have no use for a martini glass.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>If you think your guest will appreciate and have use for any of the items that represent you as a couple, again- go for it.<span style="border-style:initial;border-color:initial;outline-width:0px;outline-style:initial;outline-color:initial;font-size:12px;vertical-align:baseline;background-image:initial;background-attachment:initial;background-origin:initial;background-clip:initial;background-color:transparent;border-width:0px;padding:0px;margin:0px;">  </span>If not, find something more useful. [Quote]</span></div>
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    Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    Yeah I agree with the PP's, I don't think cigars would make a good favor.  If I was given a cigar as a wedding favor it would definitely be left on the table.  You could maybe have some cigars available for people at the wedding if you really want to do them, or what we did was put them in our OOT hotel bags for guests, with bottles of wine for the ladies.  But we knew the people staying at the hotel, and they were all people that would appreciate a cigar.

    Also, if you really think that you are going to have all the attention all night, you are going to be in for a shock at your wedding.  You will have full attention at the ceremony, but then after that its just a party.  I would hate to have had everyone's full attention the whole night, at that would mean my guests were bored as hell and had no fun at my wedding.
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    MobKazMobKaz member
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    I know in our area, we can have cigars made out of chocolate.  I have also seen gum made and wrapped to appoximate a cigar.  Perhaps you could retain the sentiment but carry it out in a more universally accepted/appreciated manner.
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    mysticlmysticl member
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    I would be disgusted by a cigar as a favor.  I don't smoke, I hate smoking, I don't like being around people who are smoking.   Just having it sitting by my plate would bother me.  I have no use for matches.  I use a lighter for my candles.

    If your FI likes them buy him a box as your wedding gift to him.
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    CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    I have seen cigar bars set up at receptions before.  There are a few different types of cigars set up and if someone wants one they can take one and go smoke one.  If you are set on this, you can do the candy buffet and the cigar bar.
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    My DH also likes cigars as do all of his GM.  We did chocolate coveredpretzel favors, then he gave the GM the cigars at the wedding just for the 5 of them.  At the end of the reception all 5 of them went out on the deck and smoked the cigars.  The photographer got some amazing pictres of it-they were really neat looking.  However, I would not do this as a favor for everyone.  Most of my family would have been offended, and to buy cigars that are of decent quality is very expensive.  Maybe think about your FI just givng them to his GM as part of their gift.
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