Is there a specific place the favors should go? I have seen them on the chairs for the ceremony, on a table when entering the reception, and on the tables when guest arrive for the reception. any one know the best place  or any idea/advice?

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    I think it depends on what you are using for the favors.  If you are doing bubbles (which IMO is not a "favor") then that is ceremony.  If you are using your favor as a place card holder then keep them at the door.  I think I prefer each place setting having their own, but if you knew where people were sitting and they didn't take one, would you be offended?  If so, you can place them in a basket or something at the door.
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    Either at the entrance to the reception or at the table.  I lean more towards on the tables.  Depending on what you are having some people may decide they want more than one.  If they are at the entrance and you run out some people may think that you didn't order enough.  Whereas if they are at the table and someone snags it people will realize it wasn't your fault.  I was as a reception where I went to grab my favor from place when it was time to go and discovered someone else had taken it. 
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    I like the table at the place setting idea too! That way everyone who has a seat gets 1 and you dont have to worry about anyone taking more than 1.
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