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Texas-Dallas and Ft. Worth

See below.

Re: See below.

  • This thread is now about...?



  • In Response to Re: See below.:
    [QUOTE]This thread is now about...?
    Posted by professorscience[/QUOTE]

    Nothing. It was a Tuesday thread..but Kristan and I were typing at the same time I think.
  • Yes, but I hate to see a thread go to waste.



  • Hmm..We can make it about Puppies?

    haha. Idk. I have no idea. Or AW your Christmas presents?
  • I got a juicer for Christmas. Anyone have good juice recipes? I looked a few up online, and IDK how I feel about them.
    ~DFWs Resident Snark~
    I'm not so good with the advice... Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?
  • I'll AW my Christmas/Birthday (Dec 29) present... 
    FI got my 1/4 carat princess cut diamond earrings! I really wasn't expecting anything (yes, I really meant it when I told him I didn't want anything) since we've been in saving mode for wedding and house downpayment. He actually helped me buy some diamond earrings last year for my b-day, so fortunately I have 2nd holes that I never use...
    but now I feel bad for not having given him anything for christmas :(
  • I don't have any good juice recipes. I want a blender so I can make smoothies.

    Cait-That's so sweet of him! 

    We got a Shark Navigator vacuum from FI's parents and OMG I didn't realize how dirty our floors were. EW. 

    FI got a grill set in his family's white elephant exchange. While we don't have a girll (yet.) We will. Hopefully soon. 
    I got a bunch of gift cards for work clothes. Just in time because I really need to winterize!
  • We have a juicer and I love it. I never go by a recipe just add and go. Apples are always a good natural sweetener. I recently juiced a bunch of apples and added some cinnamon and it tasted just like store bought apple cider minus all the sugar. Bananas aren't good to use. I usually stick citrus together and anything and everythig else that you like together. I've not done vegetables yet, I'm sure I'd make that taste horrible.
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