Favors Doubling As Seating Cards

Hi All!

I'm doing photoframe magnets that will be our favor and also serve as the seating cards; however, I'm torn if we should do one for each guest, or one for each couple?

What do you guys think?

Re: Favors Doubling As Seating Cards

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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I think one per couple would do. They don't need to have a copy of the same magnet on their fridge. HTH!
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    My cousin had picture frames as her escort cards/favors.  They were nice and it was one per couple, which totally worked... except she lumped my three adult siblings together (ages 22, 25, and 29).  Um, what?  I am sure 3 people living in 3 different homes can easily share a picture frame. 

    Be smart about it, don't be cheap, and you should be fine. 
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    colstj1colstj1 member
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    For a photo frame I would do one per couple. But like the PP said, be smart about it and pay attention to who couldn't share one. :)
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    One per couple is the way to go.

    We are doing favors one per guest. We are buying custom boxes and making our own truffles!


    Hmmm.. I think we might do one per couple now.
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    Mrs.B6302007Mrs.B6302007 member
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    For something like a frame, one per couple.  If it's food, do one per person. A couple would have to share the food whereas a single guest gets to enjoy all the yumminess alone. ;-)
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