Hot Sauce Bottling Help- Urgent!

Hi guys... I hope someone can help.

I am getting married in 18 days. We chose hot sauce as our favor since my fiance is from Guatemala. I outsourced the task to my trusty sister who is good with food and I thought sterilization wouldnt be a problem since she's a nurse.

However neither of us know what is the best process. She says she knows from experience that you cant add hot liquid to a small container or it will explode. We have the little plastic lid that has the small hole and a plain plastic lid. There is no "seal" which has thrown us off. We want our favor to be safe.

Ive read that you can add the room temperature mixture to a sterile bottle, add the lid, and then turn upside down for 5-10 minutes for it to sterilize the top-- but that doesnt sound... technical enough for me.

Does anyone know anything???

Re: Hot Sauce Bottling Help- Urgent!

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    If the bottles are glass, add boiling water. DO NOT let cold water touch them while hot, that will make them explode.  The size of the container will not cause it to explode, just make sure it is not cold before the water goes in either.

    If they are plastic, use warm soapy water and rinse very well.  Hot water can degrade the integrity of plastic and damage the shape or worse cause chemicals to "leak" into your hotsauce.  
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