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What is the average amount folks have spent on a candy buffet? I am expecting 255 guests and I am trying to get an estimate of how much this may cost.


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    This all depends on if you can buy the candy on sale, in bulk, what size bags/containers you plan on providing for your guests to take home candy in etc.

    The best way to save money is to buy candy when it goes on sale, so purchase Valentines candy just after the holiday is over, then again at Easter, Christmas, etc. Just make sure you have a place to store the candy and that it has an expiration date that is further out than your wedding date. This can cut down alot on the cost.
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    I am doing a candy buffet for my May wedding for about 130 people. I am very excited because I just finished all of my candy buying yesterday! When I first started this project, I budgeted 600 dollars for candy alone. That is because through my browsing online at wholesale candy websites, I quickly learned it was going to be very pricey once you do the expedited shipping for chocolate and gummy-candy.  Also, candy in general is more expensive through these companies, but i thought it would be too hard to find so much all red candy in stores. I am happy to say I bought all of my red candy in local stores and no shipping and ordering online was necessary.

    I started with Targets Valentine candy sales. I purchased KitKats, cinnamon gummy hearts, Twizzlers, red and white mints, hot tamales, and swedish fish. They had fantastic sales, and I plan on going back tomorrow after Valentines to see if the prices went down further. If so, they price match and will refund the difference.

    After I bought these from Target, I was going to go ahead and get the rest online. I did not think it was possible to find all red M&Ms anywhere. I had already looked most places. Last minute I decided to check Party City. To my surprise they had every color of the rainbow. I bought 5 pounds of red M&Ms, red jordan almonds (3 pounds for $9 rather than $38 online), gumballs, lolipops, rock candy, red milk chocolate hearts, and red "Thank you for sharing our special day" mints. Plus I had a $20 off coupon. (always look for coupons online before you go)

    Lastly, I really wanted white fudge covered pretzels, which i was going to pay a ton for through a gourmet candy shop. I went to Publix and found "Flipz" brand white chocolate covered pretzels that are delish and bought enough to fill my two largest jars with them for $30.

    Long story short, what was going to cost me $550-$600 dollars online for candy alone cost me $240 in local stores. I have 13 types of candy, and 15 jars. All jars were bought at Michaels, TJ Max, and HomeGoods for about $12 or less each. I bought the bags from Box and Wrap online for $70 and personalized sticker labels from Oriental Trading online for $10.

    Sorry this is long-- but hopefully it's helpful!

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    I have attended many receptions using the candy buffet and for two of them I knew the bride spent aprox $500 to $600 for 150 guests.  I will have to add that the buffets were a hit and for the most part all the candy disappeared asap - in my opinion that's awesome that all the candy was eaten.  I would not want a ton of left over candy.  Good Luck with your budget.

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    I am in South Broward, Florida. Does anyone have containers from their candy buffet that they would like to sell? contact me at hedlaw1@aol.com
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