I need help with making homemade favors- I dont know what to do. My colors are red, orange, yellow, and my wedding is August 28th. Please help me, I'm on a tight budget and because I went more elaborate with other things, but I need to cut money with favors.

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    You don't need to have favors you know?  Cut them out and save yourself the stress and the trouble.

    If you're not willing to go that route, what about something edible.  A cookie wrapped in a bag (nice) with a nice favor tag?  Or how about a little candy treat, like a local favorite or how about caramel popcorn or something else.  I'm running outta ideas here. 

    You can google and you will get lots of options to explore.  Good luck.
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    thanks girl
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    You could make chocolate covered pretzels and put sprinkles on them in the colors of your wedding.
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    We have decided to go that route... We online and look up favors .  We found coasters that had a message already on the front and we just add our colors to them. You can get them from Oriental Trading...they say...THANK YOU FOR SHARING IN OUR SPECIAL DAY...and their not really all that expensive if you are on a budget.   Were stamping the back of the coasters with our names and the date of the event.. We got 100 of them ..they are very simple but you can dress them up with your colors.. then inculded some goodies with them... I found out some if not most do appreciate the homemade verses the bought ...more personal  more from the heart.
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    I'm going to go with the edible route, especially the PP suggestion about candy- with those bright colors, there are some awesome choices!  You could do a candy buffet in bowls or jars (which you could then use after the wedding for other purposes), which has become really popular lately.
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