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I'm thinking of giving shasta daisy seeds with a small, homemade teracota pot in a pretty box (to go along with my garden wedding). Anyone know where I can get a lot of seeds on the cheap? 


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    I would consider doing flower shaped cookies or chocolate instead.  I think you will end up with a lot of seeds and pots left behind.  
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    As far as how to pass them on as wedding favors, you could actually have a decorated basket with several types of flower seeds in them and let the guests pick out thier own, or put your "flower girl" to work passing out packets of seeds to the guests after the ceremoney, maybe during the reception. If there will be several guests, then you could have more than one flower girl to help pass out the seeds. If the reception is going to be a sit down dinner, then you could place a seed packet on each place setting, this is something the caterer could do. 
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