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I have favor boxes that I'm filling with hershey kisses for 350+ guests.  I only want to put about 5 kisses in each box but the boxes look empty with just 5 kisses.  Any ideas on what I could add in the box to make it look fuller?

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    PeavyPeavy member
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    Wad up some tissue paper in the bottom of the box, then put in paper shred to cover the tissue.  The tissue adds substance.  If you just used paper shred, you would use a lot of it, and the candy would settle in to the shred.
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    You could do the tissue paper, in your wedding colors.
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    bubu7bubu7 member
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    What size box are you using?  These small ballotins would fit your candy just right without having to add much filler, if any, at all.

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