4 Questions about Carmeled Apples

We are considering doing carmeled apples as our favor, but I have a few questions for anyone that has given DIY apples:
1. How much was your cost per carmeled apple?
2. How long did it take you to make the apples (we have 250 guests)
3. How far in advance did you make your apples?
4. Did you have any problem with older guests not being able to eat the apples?
Thanks so much!

Re: 4 Questions about Carmeled Apples

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    asamarawasamaraw member
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    I'm starting to like this idea more and more... I don't know pricing info, but as far as time to make them goes it would be real easy, especially if you have a favor making party and get some friends together to help you out. I've made a lot of things like chocolate/caramel coated pretzels, turtles and other things that you dip and have to set. the biggest thing is probably fridge space... but it would be a great idea if you have some help.
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    Laur20Laur20 member
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    I am planning to do apple favors and will be using daffy apple. I wanted to make them myself but like the other posting- fridge space will be limited with so many apples :)
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