Chinese take out box

What size do you get. I have seen the really small ones and the really big ones at Michaels, I am looking for an in between. I went to Nashville Wraps and they offer so many differnt sizes. What did you use? I dont want the big ones bc I want there to be enough candy for everyone but I dont want too small bc honeslty I dont want the left over candy. TIA!
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Re: Chinese take out box

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    Go to www.papermart.com they have all sizes for really good prices.  I think I got the pint-size ones (be careful and make sure you don't accidentally get the 1/2-pints).
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    have you tried exclusivelyweddings.com or orientaltrading.com

    They have some different sizes for you to choose from I believe
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    I got the 1/2 pint from Papermart.  It was plenty--I can't imagine getting the pint size.  Here's a pic of mine:

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    papermart has a great return policy too, if you do not end up using them all.  we used them once through work for hot pink take out containers and returned about half for a full refund.
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