What should I fill my favors with?

I am having an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. For my favors, I plan to use baby food jars. I'll spray paint the lids and then tie a charm and "take me" tag on with a ribbon. But what should I fill the jars with?

I've thought of candy but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. And if you do suggest candy - what kind? Thanks!

Re: What should I fill my favors with?

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    Jelly Beans?
    Also, my cousin makes cakes inside of jars. She mixes everything in a large bowl and fills the jars about halfway and bakes them. Maybe that?
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    LOVE Alice in Wonderland!
    If you are not totally set on your jars idea, and if you don't have centerpieces in mind yet, maybe combine the two? Paper cake slice boxes that youcan fill with anything are nice favors and top it with a funky tea cup (if each table's cup is different, probably all the better! ) Just an idea!
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