Ordering chocolate in August?

I probably should have thought about this months ago... but I didn't.

We are doing candy favors, and we wanted to use Sixlets or mini chocolate balls in red, white, and blue, since we got engaged on the 4th of July last year.  We are also doing valentine heart candy since we started dating on Valentine's Day, but that's not really a problem.  The chocolate is the problem, yet I really want to have chocolate because so many people like it.  I was going to order from candywarehouse.com, but it keeps giving me warnings about the temperature being so hot.  They suggest doing 2-day shipping so it has less time to sit in the heat, but I'm thinking, even if I'm not home and it sits on my porch for an hour, won't it melt?

Has anyone done this type of thing before, or do you have suggestions for alternate options?  If I figured it out right, we'll need about 12 pounds of candy.
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Re: Ordering chocolate in August?

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    I ordered some chocolate last month, and it came with this cooling gel pack thing in the box, and it was fine.  If it sits on your porch, though, you might have a problem with melting.  I don't know how cooling those things are in that situation.
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