LED vs Real Candles, please help

OK, Our wedding is going to have a bourbon/ ky theme, because our city is known for its bourbon and we love our state! Overall decor will be generally subdued/ muted... As an accessory to the main centerpiece (flowers/ white roses) we want to add bourbon glasses ( small brandy snifters) around it. We want to get them screen printed with our names and date and put candles in them. 

The problem: FI wants to use led candles, which I love that idea (no fire hazard) but I am worried about the overall light from the 200 of them will look fake and not right. The venue is very natural with big windows that blend into the woods behind it. Has anyone else used led and have advice? 

Also, since we want the guests to take these glasses as their favors could we use real candles, even though they will melt, would they be able to clean out the candle wax? 
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Re: LED vs Real Candles, please help

  • The consensus is that edible favors are best.  Honestly, if I remembered to take the favor home, I would have no use for a single bourbon glass with your name and wedding date on it, especially if it is full of wax.

    If you like the effect of lots of candles, just use votive holders with long burning unscented votives.
  • I have to say I agree with the prior posters on the glasses being engraved with your wedding information on it. I've never been a fan of a personalized item that has info on it other than my own monogram.

    To answer your question, I use LED candles around my house all the time, and we used them at our wedding because we were in an historic venue that disallowed most real candles. They look best in frosted glass because then it's not easy to see the "fakeness" of the flame. This doesn't diminish the brightness of the candlelight, and if you are going to have 200 of them, then I'm sure it would look as good as 200 real candles.
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