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Questions for anyone that has had/having a candy buffet

Hello Everyone,
I am not sure what size bags I should use.  I definitely want to use penny candy bags, but they come in 4 different size options.  What did you guys all use/are using for your candy buffet?
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Re: Questions for anyone that has had/having a candy buffet

  • I'm planing on using boxes in the wedding color with a custom sticker on the front. I'm only having about 30 or 40 guest so I haven't even thought about the size. I'm guessing there will be lots of left over candy and cake so I'd like something large enough for them to take a fair amount so it doesn't go to the trash.

    Guess it depends on how many guest you're inviting and how much candy you plan to buy. I'd try to get the small bags that are the size you'd get from the local gas station that a can of soda or a beer can would fit inside or go with the 2nd to smallest size. That way you won't fell like you picked the small one. You want to allow enough room for them to fold the bag down to close it. Will you have a sticker or some kind of tape for the guest to be able to close the bags? The bag idea is cute!! Maybe I should do that too!
  • We are using 5 oz candy jars with a sticker on them.

    I have a question for you.  Are you have a favor in addition to the candy bar?
  • The bag size dictates how much candy you need to supply, so keep in mind that you will need enough candy for each person to take a full bag plus a bit of extra for snacking/spillage/just so the table isn't bare before everyone gets some.

    If you use bags twice as large, you'll need roughly twice as much candy.
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