Help! Do we need to let people know they arent invited?

My boyfriend is part of a large performance group.  We only invited a few people from the group that are close to both of us.  We are trying to keep our wedding small and have agreed not to expand our guest list.

Our Save the Dates went out months ago and our invitations have already been sent and recieved by our guests.  There are 2 people from his group that keep inquiring about the details and have mentioned to multiple people about coming.

Do we need to let them know they are not invited?  or Just let it go?  We are concerned and feel its especially sensitive since they are included in his social circle.

Thank you very much for your help!

Re: Help! Do we need to let people know they arent invited?

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    Yuck - that is no fun. For your own peace of mind I would suggest that you drop a hint, such as, "well, we need to keep our wedding small and are so sad we couldn't invite everyone we wanted to" and see how that goes. Good luck!
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    Ditto pp. Unless you can find a way to squeeze those 2 into the budget and hopefully no more will want to come as well. I hate situations like that. Good luck
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    Some people can't fathom not being invited; in my case, it's the parent's brothers and sisters. 

    My brother, who also had a small wedding that was immediate family and close friends only, handled it like this:
    Uncle:  Well, you're my favorite nephew and I can't wait to see you get married.
    Brother: Well, thanks, but you're not gonna be there.

    Sad to say, this bluntness is the only thing that worked.  I dispatched a blunt cousin to deliver the message for me.  Friends who aren't invited thankfully understand and are demanding only photographs and details.
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