Mini Cider - When to Order?

I've seen a few posts about the mini apple ciders.

Most of the posts have been about personalizing the lables, but I'm just curious how early I can order them without them going bad?

My wedding is October 6th and I'd like to order them as early as possible just so their done. Does anyone know how long they keep and if they need to be constantly refigerated? I didn't see anything about that on the reviews.


Re: Mini Cider - When to Order?

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    I would call the company you plan to order them from and get some information.  Ask them how long it takes to ship the items, print the personalized labels, and also how you have to store them-in the fridge, in a cool room, dark place, etc. They should be able to answer specificially about their brand of apple cider.  I think it has alot to do with the amount of preservatives and such in the cider.  A true fresh apple cider would probably spoil quickly, but the company would know the best answer for you.  good luck!
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