Is it too soon?

We are having a destination wedding on 11-11-2011, is it too soon to start buying "stuff"? I've bought the conch shell that I'm filling with sand and using as the ring pillow, the crushed shells, white spray paint and white starfish that I'm  using to make a customized flower girl basket. But, I'm tempted to keep buying things as I see them. Should I?

Re: Is it too soon?

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    You can buy anything that wont go bad/stale or dry up, i wouldnt buy favors or anything now but little things like that are fine.
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    Ditto pp. You can start buying unity candle, ring bearer pillow, things like that which won't go bad.
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    As soon as we started talking marriage I was keeping my eyes peeled for deals on wedding stuff...as long as it won't go bad, go for it, you never know what kind of deals you can find. 
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    I don't think it is too soon to buy things here or there- though your tastes may change.

    I do think it may be a bad idea to buy things for a DW, based on your location and method of travel.
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    And... as long as you don't change your mind, colors or whatever.
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    Thank you guys so much for the info. I really appreciate it.
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    you can buy stuff early, but remember, you probably wont be able to return it later. and if you change your mind a lot, i wouldn't buy anything right now. you dont want to waste the money if you realize you dont like something. but if there is something you really really really want that is on sale or something, i say go for it :)
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    There's nothing wrong with getting prepared early! If you do have that much time before though, I would bookmark or keep down notes of certain items, wait a few months, and go see if you still love it. I did that with a lot of things, and as our plans procressed a few items would not have gone well with what we have now :)
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