Creative way for guests to take cookies besides white box or clear bag?

So, I'm helping to plan my brother's wedding and we're doing a milk and cookies wedding favor for guests to take on their way out of the ballroom. I'm trying to help them come up with a unique way to package the cookies besides a cellophane bag or a small white box. If we did the box or bag, I'd order personalized stickers with their name, date and the words, "Sweet Dreams! Love, Jane and John." But....I wonder if I can't come up with a better way to package the cookies in something that guests can actually keep instead of throw out? I saw these cute plastic Chinese take out boxes which I liked and we can still personalize with stickers (can order on the wedding color)....But has anyone done anything like this and can offer suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Creative way for guests to take cookies besides white box or clear bag?

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    You could just tie a couple in a ribbon, the way you would a gift box. That would be cute.

    Or if they aren't too greasy wrap them in tissue paper and tie them with a little bow at the top. That way, people wouldn't have to worry about other people touching the cookies.
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    Maybe in a basket?  Of course the cookies would still need to be wrapped though. 
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    yea - any way you do it, you'll have to put some wrapping on it. 

    Michaels Crafts always has those cute decorated take out boxes (they dont look like take out, they're just that shape)  i'd check those out.  that would be cute!!!
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    What about organza bags?  

    My husband and I make handmade soap (photo in sig), and when we sell 'em we package them in these really pretty organza bags I found on http://www.save-on-crafts.com/.  They're VERY inexpensive, and the weave is tight enough that soap crumbs (or lavender buds, coffee grains, whatever's in that bar of soap) don't fall out, so I imagine cookie crumbs wouldn't either.  

    If you look in my soap making blog, there are bigger photos of the soaps in the bags, so you can get a better idea of how they look.  :D
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