What to get my junior bridesmaid????

I've been racking my brain for a gift for my junior bridesmaid but I'm lost! I'm doing monogrammed wine glasses and glass charms with their pictures for all of the other bridesmaids along will a monogrammed wooden dress hanger with jewelry for the wedding as an extra thought. 

I'm going to do the hanger with the jewelry for my junior bridesmaid as well but what else can I do for her? She's 15 years old and has everything. What do you get the kid that has everything? She's a runner and is very smart. Any ideas? 

Re: What to get my junior bridesmaid????

  • Does she like to read?  Maybe a kindle (the new ones aren't very expensive)?   Or a gift card to her favorite store to shop at?   
  • we were talking about the kindle but thats a little more than we were planing to spend. i like the gift card iea though
  • My daughter was 16 when we married last year, and she was my MOH.
    Our wedding party gifts were the same for all, but because she was my MOH I also got her a special black diamond necklace.

    I'd recommend maybe doing something monogrammed on glass for the junior bridesmaid.........teens have a lot of jewelry, maybe find a nice "jewelry holder" (I've seen tons at Bed Bath & Beyond). They are tall, have hooks for necklaces, holes for earrings, etc.  

    You could add a monogrammed glass tray of some type to put it on?
  • Think about it from this angle - what would you be buying her if you were shopping for her birthday or Christmas?  It doesn't have to be wedding related to be a great gift.
  • Sue - I like the jewelry holder idea. The jewelry is for the wedding htough so I sitll have to get that. I think I may go with this jewelry holder idea too though.  

    kmmssg - funny thing is that I have this same issue every christmas.  She's so hard to shop for. She's out of the toys category but she's too young for adult gifts like alcohol related stuff. 

    I was also thinking that since the other girls are getting monogrammed wine glasses, i could find a glass that isn't for alcohol and monogramed her initials on it. 

    My FI is doing a liquor basket with small liquor bottles and a monogrammed glass tumbler for all his guys and for his jr groomsman he's doing mini soda cans instead of liquor bottles. lol 
  • Amazon giftcard, Amazon has everything and usually teens get more giftcards for birthdays, etc. so it will add it to what they really want to buy.
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  • Perhaps you can get her a spa day type of thing...like a mani and pedi, haircut, and/or facial.
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    [QUOTE]Perhaps you can get her a spa day type of thing...like a mani and pedi, haircut, and/or facial.
    Posted by nicolej518[/QUOTE]

    That is a great idea!! I think that's something a 15 yr old would love!
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    How about a nice monogrammed water bottle since she is a runner? My DD (14) loves to have a cute water bottle for lacrosse practice.

    Also, does she have to have / wear an id for school (they do here, so I don't know whats normal for other parts of the country) Anywho Mine love to have coach lanyards / id holders they are usually only about $20 and so cute! or a cute coach wristlet?
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    Have you thought about making a tie blanket for her? You could get a fleece with a pattern she would like. I am doing this for my flower girls but I think it's a pretty cute & practical gift. I also bought iron on monograms to put their initial on them as well.

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