Inexpensive diy favors that still look great?

I am looking for some great favor ideas that are good diy projects. I would like them to be inexpensive if possible. Wedding is on a budget.

Re: Inexpensive diy favors that still look great?

  • If you're on a budget, just skip the favors.  They are neither required nor expected.
  • Ditto.  Favors are not required.  If it's stretching your budget to do something, skip it.

    If you have a certain amount already allocated, think about edible options: cookies or brownies, or chocolate covered pretzel sticks.  You can probably find a option that works with whatever amount you have set aside.

  • Favors are totally optional, my cousin didn' t have them. I'm doing a Harry Potter themed wedding, so I made wands as favors. I just used chopsticks (you can get 100 pairs, so total of 200 for $3 and a chinese market), hot glue, and paint. Probably spent around a penny on each, I only made 100, so I have 100 extra chopsticks for when we order Chinese :D 

    The reason I chose to do favors was because I wanted to incorperate my theme more and I wanted wands for awesome photo props. Plus they were fun to make and fairly cheap. I did end up burning myself with hot glue, but totally worth it! 
    My fiance's sister just bought a bunch of kisses and put stickers on the bottom. He can't remember what they said, but you can always make your own mongogram or simply just write thank you. 

    So if you really want to do favors, you can do something as cheap as just sprinkling candy around the table. If you know how to do origami, then you can just paper and make cranes, flowers, dragons, or whatever for everyone. That would be really cheap! You don't have to even buy fancy origami paper, you can just use colored printer paper. 
  • Do edible or skip them altogether.....anything else will be a waste of time and money.
  • I think edible or consumible will be your best approach.  Cookies, brownies or candy, as PP mentioned, attractively packaged in tulle or small cellophane bags (look on eBay for good prices) are good.  Drink mixes (cider, hot chocolate, coffee, tea) or snacky things would also work.  I'd stay away from anything monogrammed (unless it's edible like a cookie/lollipop/ custom wrapper on a candy bar) or decorative items that will just collect dust (or not be taken). Check orientaltrading.com -- they have a lot of inexpensive favor ideas, containers, some candy, etc.

    Depending on your area and time of year, seed packets or flower bulbs (fall) might be nice -- but take into consideration the make-up of your guest list ... probably not a good idea in a heavily urban area.  We are considering DIY bird seed ornaments (edible, in a way), but still not sure.

    Here's a link, if you're interested:


  • Do something consumable and cheap, in pretty celophane wrapping, or skip themm. Favors are often a waste unless they're something the person can actually use.
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  • Gourmet nuts are always nice! Like Cinnamon-Roasted Almonds or Chipotle Roasted Peanuts or Cashews. This Etsy shop sells 4oz and 2oz gold tins of them by request (and their prices are VERY reasonable). Check 'em out! :)
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