Candied Apples - New York Area

Hi All!

My fiance and I are having a METS themed wedding in November 2012 we are looking for candied apples as favors, with blue and orange sprinkles

Anyone have any ideas of who to contact?
I've googled it over the island and its slim pickins!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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Re: Candied Apples - New York Area

  • I'd call some of the orchards in your area (or those that might be willing to ship to you) and see if a custom order can be arranged. 

    There appear to be several websites that might be able to help you (clicky for one) or you could price out making this a DIY project.

  • Just a suggestion....don't really know your budget....

    What if you did a candied apple bar?  Different toppings and flavors and such?

    What about Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?

  • I've definitely received candied apples from students as Christmas/holiday gifts... some came from Harry's & Davids, but I think those are pretty expensie. I like the idea that the previous poster had for a candied apple bar... you could set out different syrups and make all the toppings blue and orange (sprinkles, M&Ms, skittles, etc.)

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  • The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is amazing! I was thinking of using them for my favors. They make all flavors and can custom make whatever you want/ (I've had their oreo, cheesecake, apple pie apples and they are all delicious)
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