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Hi ladies,

We are planning on doing cds as favors/place cards. We're HUGE music nerds and so the cd will be a great reflection of us and hopefully be a nice keepsake for our guests.

I'm wondering if anyone else is working on this as well or has done it in the past and what you used for cases?  I would really like to use a nice pocketfold.  I've found some on cardsandpockets.com and was thinking about ordering these and just wondered if anyone has any other suggestions?

Thanks =)

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    I'm doing the same kind of thing I purchased memorex white cd sleeves that are just a white paper from target for like $5 for 100 sleeves. I'm also printing our picture on them and writing a little note to thank our guest for coming. It is however a little difficult to print just correctly but after a little  trial and error it's easy and it looks unique!

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    This is what we are doing as well. It will have some key reception songs alongside some of our mutual favorites. My MOH is helping me make customized insert covers for each of them that reflect our wedding theme. We will probably put them in the small plastic jewel cases as they are inexpensive when bought in bulk.
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