Just wondering what brand of chanpagne you used for your favors and where you purchased it?? I have been looking at a few differnt ones online but am afraid to order with out trying it ahead of time or at least having a recommendation.

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    I just used Cooks because it was the cheapest.  It's tastes Ok too--not terrible.  I would just buy them in the little 4 packs a few at a time when I would go grocery shopping.  This way it didn't seem like I was shelling out all the money at once for favors.  Korbel comes in the 4-pack also, at least where I live.  I looked online but everything was too expensive.  Alot of girls also advised going to your local liquor store and seeing what they can order for you.  That way you could see what they carry in the little bottles and then try it beforehand.  HTH!
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    We used Andre-Cold Duck........it's very reasonably priced and taste very good. Buy a bottle and try it.... We loved it so much we will still buy it on occasion.
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