Hawaii favors?

Hi Gals,

My fiance and I are getting married on the beach in Hawaii (only our parents are attending)...reception to follow 2 months later in Pennsylvania.  We wanted to tie in the Hawaii theme for a favor.  I was thinking Kona coffee packets (I can dress up the packaging)...since Hawaii is known for it's coffee.

Each guest will receive a lei as well =)

Any other ideas/suggestions to tie into the Hawaii theme?

Re: Hawaii favors?

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    I love your ideas so far.  I wouldn't think you'd need anymore than that but you could do something with shells also. 
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    My grandfather was obsessed with Hawaii, in addition to Kona coffee, every Christmas I would make him a bunch of chocolate covered macadamia nuts (I would use sugar free chocolate however because he had diabetes, they were still delicious) you could buy them though and wrap them in a clear baggie and tie the baggie with a hawaiian print fabric.
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    If you can, hit up Costco while you're in Hawaii.  You can get bulk chocolate covered macadamia nut candies, macadamia nuts, chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, seasonings and salts (seasonal) all made in Hawaii. 
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    my other thought was working in pineapple in some way.

    but honestly, i love the kona coffee (i cannot wait to have some on our honeymoon to hawaii) and macadamia nuts idea!
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    I honestly tried to think of everything Hawaii-related....hibiscus flowers, leis, pineapples, etc....but I also wanted to keep cost a little low too. 

    I think the coffee is a good idea and so far I like it best. I'm just not a fan of favors people won't use.  At least coffee has a good chance
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    To put all of your treasures in one place you should go to Oriental Trading Company for their hibiscus bags. We bought the big ones and they are really large. So, I'd suggest the smaller ones. They are REALLY inexpensive (less than 1 dollar) and are reusable for groceries or for whatever.. We're going to use  these for oot bags, and also are going to include hibiscus little zippered coin purses that we figured people could use for a room key and credit card. These were even cheaper than the bags!
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    Yes, OT or Dollar Tree has a lot of tropical stuff right now!
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