Suggestions for incorporating our past as childhood sweethearts

my fiancé and I were childhood sweethearts who went our separate ways after high school and now at 31 reunited and getting married in 8 weeks. We have been having trouble figuring out how to incorporate our past into the wedding, so we thought the candy bar would be the best. As a child he made his mom get a box of sweethearts to give to me instead of just the v-day card we had to make for everyone in class. I still remember getting those, so anyway, we are using candy we loved as kids. I've searched sayings for the candy bar such as "it was sweet of you to join us", etc, but it doesn't fit us. I am hoping someone can give us a great little quote that makes that childhood sweetheart connection. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it or any other ideas for incorporating our childhood relationship in the wedding would be great as well. Thanks.

Re: Suggestions for incorporating our past as childhood sweethearts

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    That's a beautiful story that definitely needs to be incorporated into your wedding theme! How about table cards/ numbers? Each table can have different photos of you and your FI at different times that you were dating. Maybe you can even make a story out of it! I've seen weddings that have like a photo wall where you can include photos of you and FI throughout your relationship.. kind of like telling a story with your pictures. We're planning to incorporate our story into our theme as well, I think it gives the day a special touch and your guests have a chance to share that with you both! Good luck! HTH :)

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