votives doubling as favors?

I am using damask wrapped votive candles with our names printed on them for the tables. Is that something that could double as a favor too? We weren't going to even have favors in the first place (no room in the budget, and I think a 4 hr open bar and dinner is enough favor lol) but I got to thinking that maybe these could work as favors too?

What do you ladies think about that? Does that seem like something that is okay to do or does it come off as tacky? Will people know to take one home with them when they leave?
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Re: votives doubling as favors?

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    So is the name part removable?  If it is then I think it's fine, otherwise I think you need to leave the names off.  I don't particularly want to set out a votive in my household with another couple's name on it.

    Although, if you're lighting these during dinner then odds are they might burn out and then you definitely will look bad if you ask people to take burnt out candles home at the end of the night.  
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    We're doing pretty much the same thing - I'm going to let people know if they want to take home any of the votives to feel free.

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    The wrap is on there with double sided tape, its removable because when I was putting them together, I had to pull off one or two and re align them. We are also using LED tea lights in them, so they wont burn out by the end of the night.

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    I wouldn't necessarily call it a "favor," but if you would like your guests to take home decorations so that you don't have to clean them up, just have your DJ make an announcement about that. 

    As a guest, it seems a bit like an after thought, "you can take home a candle when I'm done using it" There is nothing wrong with not handing out favors, the reception itself is a thank you for guests. There is also nothing wrong with giving guests the heads up that it's okay to take the decorations, I just don't think I would call the decorations a favor.

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    I agree with what ivyrose said
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    Thanks ivyrose. Good idea. :)
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    I was planning on using personalized votive holders with the led tealights as favors as well. I think I may attach a note or card explaining that they're welcome to take them home. We're also planning on having matches to give to guests along with sparklers for our send-off. I think anything that can do double duty is great so long as it's not done in a tacky way (like burned out candles).
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