Bubble bath favors

Hi all! I was thinking about doing little jars filled with bubble bath for favors. My mother turned her nose up at it, like it was tacky??? I thought it was a cute idea, and a little different.. opinions please!! 

Re: Bubble bath favors

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    I wouldn't say that it's tacky, but it does seem a little juvenile.  If you feel you must have them, edible favors are best.  Or just skip them altogether - they certainly aren't required.
  • tldhtldh member
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    I wouldn't say tacky.  I would say girlie. 
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  • The men would not want this.
  • Men wouldn't find much use for it. What scent would it be? Go for something edible.
  • I don't think it's tacky, but it doesn't have very broad appeal.  Something that is related but might be more widely enjoyed is pretty guest soaps.  Even if people don't use them themselves,. at least they can be put in a bathroom when company is coming or used to freshen a drawer.

    Still, it seems the majority of people prefer edible favors.
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