copy cat?????

I went to a  co-workers wedding over a year ago and I LOVED her favors they had a wine bottle with a personalized label for each couple I really like this idea but I don't want to invite her and my other co-workers and have them think I'm the worlds biggest copy cat I don't know what to do, advice please??? 
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Re: copy cat?????

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    I wouldn't worry about it.  
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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    I wouldn't think you were trying to copy her but I would hope that it's a decent bottle of wine.  If you're not sure how good the wine is maybe think about a wine stopper.  I can always use another wine stopper.
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  • MadisonpennyMadisonpenny member
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    I think this is actually becoming a popular favor, especially among couples who tend to make their own wine.
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    I agree with Madisonpenny.  It is becoming more popular.  I just went to a wedding that had it and it was super cute!  They had just an image from their engagement photos.  Maybe you can use a more creative pic?
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    I hope that your co-worker would be honored that you liked their favors SO much that you want to do the same. Is this someone you could just talk to and say "hey, I think I'm going to the wine bottles for favors, any helpful hints?"

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  • nboothe86nboothe86 member
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    get creative and make something...


    Here's something you can do with wine glasses.

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